May 10, 2012

strangers to sisters

So many posts on my pledge sisters {here, here, and here} but I love them to death. I'm so glad we were all put into the same class and I truly wouldn't change any of you. We're so incredibly's such a wonder that we get along so well. I'm excited for our living situations next year because we'll all be invading your spaces for those of you who're living in the house (woo!). I'm excited for the summer hang outs and more bonding like joyrides in San Francisco. I love how we bonded over life talks, stupid nicknames, and ridiculous music video making. I love Catherine's motherliness, Lindsey's outbursts, Rhianna's bamf-ness (thank you for convincing me), Rebecca's inner girliness, and Katrina's edginess. Thank you for making this semester slightly more bearable.

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