May 4, 2012

Life lately, according to my iPhone

a few things pictured :: boba at Green Bubble // first time at Fenton's // Caliber sandwich board at Cal Day // San Francisco (Fisherman's Wharf, Lombard Street, and Ghiradelli's: so many "firsts") // Brother's Appreciation 

Life recently as been reading and recitation week. I'm dying out I'm dying out I'm dying out. I cannot wait until Thursday after 11am. The taste of freedom will be too sweet. I've never been one excited for summer break (the weather is way too hot in Southern California), but seriously, I cannot wait. I can't wait to reunite with my high school friends and check things off of my "So.Cal to do list." I can't wait to come back up here and really, truly experience Berkeley/San Francisco because during the school year, there's never the time to just chill out. I'm excited to move into the apartment and decorate, hang out with my pledge sisters, and check things off with my big. Summer, I've never been more excited for you. You're so close (1 week!!!) yet so far (the obstacles are great).