April 29, 2012

A top secret mission

Last night, we celebrated brothers' appreciation. After a month of planning, preparing, and spamming with Facebook notifications, we finally got everything together. The theme was "secret agents" so we had so much fun making appropriate props and decorating the backyard of Nikki's house. For dinner, we made mac 'n cheese muffins {I made them before here}, onion rings, taquitos, and korean bbq. We had worship time, performances (ft. Christine & Nikki and Chang's dancers), top secret video, and games. It was incredibly fun decorating and planning...what a perfect way to end the last week of classes!

Thank you, guys for everything that you've done for us. Many of you have walked me home in the middle of the night, comforted me in times of complete sorrow and lifted me out of those times, walked to Bear Market with me because I was hungry, bought me food when I was hungry or sick, told me the truth about my haircut (Princess Nathan, this is for you), and carried pretty deep conversations with me.  Thank you for everything you all have done so far and in my mind, there is no doubt that we will grow unified even more in the next three years.


Amy Nguyen said...

Are those baked mac & cheese cups!? They look delicious... as do the fries... obviously, I haven't had my lunch break yet. Fun photos! I love that you're so thankful for everything in your posts. Great attitude :)

Joanne said...

OMG the sunglass gifts are so cute! haha living water is so cute :)



Anisa Young said...

GIRL. you are seriously the cutest thing EVER! I love all of your posts! They make me SOOO happy ;) xx

Nathan Huynh said...

Totally creeping on your blog because I'm bored as heck in Main Stacks... I didn't not expect that call out. :P