April 27, 2012

Freshmen 15

My first year in college is almost over (I mean, pretty much. There's only dead week and finals week left, which are both nicely filled with studying and packing). I've had such a great time and I don't think at this point I regret not doing anything or doing anything. I've heard about the sophomore slump, but I'm really hoping it won't happen to me. Hopefully, moving into apartments and living with my favorite girls will postpone the slump. Anyway, as I'm wrapping up my first year, I've learned a couple things at Berkeley that may or may not apply to all college students. Just a bits and pieces of what I've picked up from my experiences thus far. 

15. Gaining weight is inevitable...thank you, Crossroads, late night, and ADX.
14. I learned so much in a year of college...so much more than I ever did in high school.
13. Everyone is doing everything, or at least it feels like that. Everyone's involved with something.
12. College student = a broken wallet.
11. College orgs take up so much time. Here, 2-3 is way sufficient. In high school, 5+ clubs were manageable.
10. I'm a "Berkeley story." Come in confident......and then, the grading system runs me over.
9. Do what you love. There is no "right" way. I got involved in different orgs I never thought I would ever do. It's about finding your niche and sticking with it.
8. So many unique people with unique talents and unique stories. Don't miss out on getting to know everyone.
7. Never enough sleep. I thought I was tired in high school, but now that I'm reflecting, I don't remember ever being completely, physically drained. Though it's only been a year, I can't pull all nighters as easily and sleep, no matter how much, is never ever enough.
6. Sometimes a little procrastination is good. Having never procrastinated in high school, I came in with the same mentality. But because there is so much to learn, I end up forgetting material for exams. But this is not to say, full blown procrastination is good either...
5. Time is precious.
4. Being away from campus is good when the stress level is high. Around midterm season (oh, and especially during dead week and finals week), I can tangibly feel everyone's stress.
3. Coffee is good. I never drank coffee until second semester, but it is so necessary when I'm getting 10 hours of sleep for an entire week. (Try Philz Coffee...or the Chai Latte at Peet's.)
2. Friendships get deep really fast in college.
1. God is good all the time. All the time, God is good.


Joanne said...

Awww gina, this is so cute! It made me chuckle :)
but seriously...I totally agree with all of them. Time is definitely precious, in no time you'll be finishing your sophomore year!



Christine said...