February 26, 2012

A weekend getaway with Alpha Delta Chi

The past weekend I got to get away from Berkeley with ADX. After two hours of driving on Friday, we got to Watsonville and spent the weekend in p-mom's relative's house. With a night on the beach, morning beach walks, devo's, lots of bonding and laughter, I would say this was totally worth skipping out on a weekend of studying. I got to know my p-sisters a little bit better and basically, got the rest I needed. On Saturday night, my pledge class were responsible for making dinner (there will be post on this later on), but I had a lot of fun and I'm excited for the rest of the semester. Here is a little post with some of the most memorable pictures from the weekend. thank you, excomm and pledge mom!

{private beach...the sand is so much softer than it is in SoCal}

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Sharon said...

Your hair looks longer! I like it! Come back already. I miss you