February 24, 2012

A season for bright colors

Lately, I've been into bright colors - not a whole outfit of flamboyance, but an article here and there. I'm also really loving the blue and pink combination. For the past few years, I really enjoyed my black/gray/navy blue attire, but lately, I've been breaking out into colors! Even with my nails. My favorite nail polish used to be Commander in Chic, but lately, it's been bright cherry red, So Much Fawn (coral pink), and Hey Audrey (bright baby blue). I even tried Strawberry Margarita (hot, hot pink), which is totally unlike me. I'm in a season of brightness!


G.Lee said...

you're gorgeous

colorfulgiggle said...

love the bright/neon colours!

to see more lemon colours:

Anonymous said...

So am I! I am gravitated towards anything and anything bright right now! These are lovely photos!
Follow? :) http://daisiesandpixiedust.blogspot.com/

Anisa Young said...

CUUUUUUUUUUTIE! I love this! The first picture makes me so happy :) And yay for bright colors!! I was in such a neutral phase too but colors are just too fun to ignore! xx

Tiffo said...

Love the navy polka dotted top with the bow.
Love the oh-so-cool ray bans.
Love the electric blue basket weave patterned blouse.
Love the gold Esprit watch.

But most importantly...
Love you <3