May 11, 2012

summer list

Besides the obvious completing summer lists with my big, apartment mates, and high school friends and of course, growing out my hair, there are some individual things I must try (either individually or with friends) that aren't on any of the summer to-do lists. I have never been one to be excited for summer, but I have to say, after a year of college (as much as I loved every moment of it), I am so ready to take a break from the most challenging, rigorous academic year yet. I know more challenging years are yet to come, but for now, I'm just going to relax and enjoy my summer.

10. Go to 4th Street to explore the little shops, especially Paper Source.
9. Learn to make popsicles and homemade boba for the summer weather.
8. Ride my bike to Huntington Beach (let's go, 60 miles!)
7. Create DIY shorts, once I gather some courage, time, and that order.
6. Watch the sunrise while eating a breakfast picnic.
5. Finish a book from cover to cover.
4. Movie Marathon (I've never done this before)
3. July 4th in Berkeley...find somewhere to watch the fireworks and celebrate!
2. Get back into the running least 3 times a week.
1. Attend the OC Fair, something I've wanted to do since freshmen year of high school.

1 comment:

Joanne said...

That's a good list! I've done 10 and 5 so far..but 1 seems really fun too. And I'm planning on doing a bunch of DIY projects + hopefully a road trip :)