May 13, 2012

Glory be to God

My dad graduated from seminary yesterday morning...what a glorious and happy day! Look at all those flowers he received. Our house is a beautiful garden right now. It's been amazing to see his journey since my second year of high school until now. I don't think I actually realized the weight of his calling and what he was going through 'til this year, but I'm so proud, so so so proud and so lucky that school and finals ended the day right before. I'm excited to see all the things my dad is going to do for the glory of the Lord, like planting a new church in Fullerton. God's going to do great things through my dad!

I love you, Dad. I'm so lucky that as a father, you're so understanding and so empathetic. Thank you for putting up with me for almost nineteen years, always supporting me, and always putting a smile on my face. Thank you for understanding my independence and letting me mature not only into an adult but also in my personal walk with the Lord. You're a wonderful listener, and your heart is so childlike. I look forward to listening to your sermons at the new church one day!

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Christine said...

ohmy. this is precious. <3