May 13, 2012

mama's day

Happy Mother's Day to the strongest and supportive mother. I love you! Thank you for being so supportive and self-sacrificing for all these years. You've always given me the best and saved the best for me. I thank you so much for being there and letting me do all the things I did in high school. You've been the soccer mom, our driver to all our activities, the one who seeks out opportunities for us, and the one who puts us before. Thank you for everything.

Thank you for letting me steal your clothes in high school....'cause now you steal mine! Thank you for letting me choose which car I wanted, supporting my high school class at every car wash, and surprising me at my races. Thank you for being there when I vent for two hours, giving me advice and taking my side. Your heart is so beautiful and I hope, in the future, I could be half the mom you are. You are truly the best!

I decided to try out a cupcake recipe and give them to my mother. Definitely found her sweet tooth:

And my brother bought her some comfy nike walking shoes. I think the cutest part is they match now!

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Christine said...

ah! this is so precious!! :)