May 16, 2012

Happy birthday, mama!

For mama's birthday yesterday, I cooked her dinner (with a little help from him). With only an hour and a half to cook for four, I baked mac 'n cheese cups (oh, yes, again) and fried rice with spam (here). He came up with baking the broccoli, sprinkled with salt and pepper. Because I was in a rush, all the eggs came out funny except for my mom's so that was just fitting. My brother bought Porto's cake while mama was coming home and sure enough, she was surprised with everything! I love surprises.

Cooking dinner has made me super excited to live in my apartment. I cannot wait to cook for myself, start new recipes, and try new things with my roommates. I'm ever so excited and this adventure will begin in two and a half weeks! 

Roommates, if you all are reading this, be excited.


Chrissie said...

She's a proud mommy.

Christine said...

i am excited. :)<3