May 16, 2012

Mini road trip

We decided to celebrate our 3 year anniversary one month early because we'll be in Berkeley and thus, car-less. We took a mini road trip to San Diego (seriously, driving that long gave me cramps in my legs) but anyway, it was a nice getaway. I've always wanted to try a road trip so here it was...and another plus was that it was on our bucket list before we graduate college. So one down and five more to go (we added some along the way). Usually, I'm not too keen on beaches, but the weather was beautiful...sunny with a gust of wind. By the time we got to San Diego, we were starving so we stopped by Vallarta for brunch before making our way to La Jolla Shore Beach. 'twas delicious! We pretty much went beach hopping because we moved onto La Jolla Cove and took walks on Prospect Street. It was one well-spent day!

Thank you for (almost) 3 wonderful years. You're the best.


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH GINA. WHY IS THIS SO CUTE. Seriously, your blog... is actually a legit blog. Adorable <3 My favorite couple :)

Joanne said...

OMG haha I've been wanting to go on a mini road trip to San Diego too :)

I always wanted to go eat Mexican food there :)



DailyGlamour said...

cute ! Come to see my page and follow me if you like it !

Christine said...


now that i know you guys went there for your makes everything 10x cuter. <3