April 5, 2012

Bucket list

Have you ever had a bucket list? I think I'm so in love with the idea of lists, possibly even more than the action items themselves. But then again, I'm speaking from academic experience. I have these great big dreams to travel the world and every state in the US (so, I guess you can call it a travel bucket list), but I also have a bucket list for places I'd like to visit before I graduate Berkeley. Then, there is a special "epic" list that we want to complete together before we graduate. He first mentioned it when he suggested running a half marathon in our fourth year, which would totally be fitting! In high school, we were both runners and we met officially through cross-country. Obviously, there's a lot more on the bucket list, but these are a few that we want to remember and cherish as the big highlights of each college year, especially in the midst of our busy schedules. Do you have a bucket list?