April 6, 2012

Good Friday dinner

My floormate Brittany and I made bruschetta and buttered mushroom alfredo for dinner tonight. She is quite the cook (check out her cooking album, if you're her Facebook friend!) and she came up with the idea. I, of course, had fun being her assistent and documenting the making of this delicious dish. While I was dicing the tomatoes, I somehow confused my finger with the tomato so I have a nice cut on my index finger. The funniest part came when I told Britt what had happened and she looked at me and said, "Well, don't get blood on the tomatoes!" Thanks, Britt. The whole kitchen had one of the best aromas I have ever smelt after we were done. I can't tell you how delicious the pasta and bruschetta were...but seriously, it was worth the food coma. I cannot wait until dead week when Britt cooks for our floor!

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