June 2, 2012

Everybody dies, but not everybody lives

These three weeks have been pretty amazing. I never really liked or appreciated the beach, but I think I've gone to five different beaches in the span of a week and a half. I enjoyed being able to drive again, experience the delicious eats again, and hang out with my friends - both from high school and college. It's been really great waking up at noon everyday, something I've never really been able to do. During this time, I've also been able to check off many things from my summer list!

At the same time, I'm extremely excited to go back to Berkeley. It's becoming more and more like home to me. Public transportation and my own two feet save me gas money, and I'm also looking forward to eat and shop in places I haven't been able to visit during the school year. The colder weather is definitely something I'm excited for. Getting sunburned for the first time in my life while biking to Huntington Beach last week was not fun. So, good-bye Southern California, thank you for making me feel so alive!

The past three weeks in a wrap:

baking and cooking {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}
prom pictures for Jeff and Jessica
Corona del Mar, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica Pier {+ Huntington Beach}
Hollywood w/ K and D

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