March 24, 2012

Pie pops

Pie pops recipe found here! To start off spring break, I made pie pops with my big. I think the hardest part is making the dough...everything else is pretty standard. We used jam, but next time, I think I'll definitely try making a pie filling. It's really fun, and it doesn't take much time (after making the dough) - it's a really fun activity to do with friends!

Use cookie cutters to shape the dough. Make sure you put lots of flour on the dough to lessen the stickiness.

Choose your pie filling. Either make a filling (see above link) or stick with a simple flavored jam.

To get a nice Betty Crocker finish, use a cooking brush to coat egg whites on your pops. Throw away the yolk!



charity victoria said...

These look amazing! Perfect for me, because I like a high crust ratio on pies. I've got to make these, thanks for sharing. :)

Anisa Young said...

SO CUTE! Wish I was a baker too :( I'll learn one day ahaha xx

Blaine said...

Looked so delicious,thanks for your sharing,^^
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