March 23, 2012

Hunger games

Happy Hunger Games...may the odds be in your favor! The Hunger Games Premiere was incredibly adventurous with Joice, Celestine, Stephen, Douglas, Johnny, and Jonathan. First, confession: I never really read the trilogy, so I had no expectations and no clue what the plot was about. While people waited for the midnight showing, my friends and I were able to get in no problem for the 12:07 showing. It was great. For two hours, we relaxed in our seats (we claimed 7 seats in a row!) and ate pretzels with nutella. The movie was great, and I'm not about to write a spoiler so, all I can say is go watch it - it's worth your money! It was definitely worth my money and sleep. 

Afterward, we busted a mission to walk to the San Pablo and 40th busstop, a 20-minute walk away. On the way, Stephen pushed me in a shopping cart. I admit, it was really fun for lack of better words. After two transfers and two hours later, we finally got back to Berkeley. I think it was so worth it, last night before spring break commences! And as Celestine said, "These will be the times I remember when I'm old."

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