March 22, 2012

Life lately, according to my iPhone

a few things pictured Josh and Johnny at Foothill's talent show // bonding with Christine Choe and Debbie // Will Ferrell screening with Jeannine // Tiffany's visit // a sleepless week bombarded with unkind and unmerciful midterms and papers // hamburger desserts // rainy days, my favorite kind of weather

Though this was a span of over 3 weeks, it seems like everything just clashed together. Days become seconds (except when you're getting 10 hours of sleep over 5 days), and weeks become days. Time passes by incredibly fast as I grow up. Although, I must say, spring break cannot come fast enough. I'm so ready to get away from the campus and away from professors, exams, and homework. Thank God for keeping me grounded with joy that comes from Him and incredible friends. Y'all are a blessing!

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