March 22, 2012

Happy birthday, mother goose!

Pledge mom turned the big 21 today! Happy birthday, Sophia - you've brought so much joy into our lives. Thank you for being so understanding during my sleepless week and setting up pledge dates so we could just bond and vent out our stress. As you've made pledging bearable and fun, I hope that your birthday too is blessed and your next year is filled with incessant laughter, incredible miracles, and unforgettable memories. May you experience more joy in this next year (and last two semesters, woo!). Regardless of expected surprises, I hope you enjoy your birthday and those strawberry cupcakes with lemon frosting!


Christine said...

"incessant laughter, incredible miracles, and unforgettable memories" -- I like :) hehe this is so cute! those cupcakes look delicious!!

Chunny said...

Wow! Your cupcakes looks tasty. Yum. Happy birthday to your friend. =)