April 3, 2012

Spring break in the best coast!

First thing, I LOVE travelling. My bucket list includes travelling to each of the 50 states and a couple countries. And another thing, I LOVE the east coast. It's been exactly a year since I last visited. Immediately after landing in JFK, I took a shuttle to Yale University to visit Tiffany. Spring break definitely doesn't equate to study break (I spent all my time reading textbooks and writing papers while she was in class), but it was definitely relieving to just be away from a stress-filled campus. As expected, Yale is incredibly beautiful and the routine there is so different than that of Berkeley's. I had to time to eat breakfast and lunch and explore the beautiful campus. I even attended a Yale Alumni Panel! Of course, there are many things that I missed about and am accustomed to at Berkeley, but it was really great experiencing what other students experience in their day-to-day school day. I love Berkeley, but seriously, Yale has incredible dining commons food. 

Spring break felt very productive: I woke up at 9am every morning, studied often, and explored Yale. On my last day, we went into New York City. East Coast, I hope to see you again very soon. 


colorfulgiggle said...

such a sunny person you are!


A "cheery" disposition said...

I love all your pictures. what a lovely spring break you had

Tiffo said...

I sincerely hope you had a good time.
Sending lots of love from the east coast. <3