February 16, 2012

Life as of late, captured by my iPhone

a few things pictures :: ADX Preference Tea // sunflower from my lover // little girls selling lemonade on College Ave // my first banana rum scoop of Ici // history movie and nail polish fiesta // Valentine's card from the Livingwater brothers @ the banquet // freshmen retreat at prayer mountain

On a side note, freshmen retreat was an incredible blessing. I'm glad I decided to attend - I think this can go down in the books as a "life-changer." I don't think everything will be changed in a split second, but I know that things will get better in time and healing will take place. 

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Anisa Young said...

Looks like you've been a busy busy bee Gina! Hope your weeks going great and you're always such a cutieee! :) See you real real soon <3 xx