February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day through my iPhone

Valentine's Day started a day earlier for me. I got a box of macaroons and a Valentine's card for my big and she gave me chocolate-covered strawberries and the cutest vintagey card. That definitely got me through the night of studying for my midterm (yes, on Valentine's day). I got a single rose (for some reason, I don't like bouquets) and ate at Venus for lunch. Their sandwiches are amazing and the place was decked out in cutesy Valentine decorations - a really nice ambiance for a date. I totally ruined his plan of taking me to the botanical gardens since I visited during summer with my best friend. Oops! We killed some time on College Ave and Crossroads Trading Company. We finally watched The Vow, a movie I've been waiting for since senior year. Spoiler alert: the ending sucks, for lack of better words. Dinner was amazing - wow. We ate at Trattoria La Siciliana, which only served a "Menu di San Valentino." We got all the assortments of appetizers and main courses (pictures above!) and shared the tiramisu. He said he ordered tiramisu "in honor of my pledge name." Though dinner was on the pricier side, it was so worth it, and it was fun just hanging out with him for a whole day - something we haven't done in awhile. I love Valentine's day.

Happy Valentine's day to everyone!


Tiffo said...

Sorry Dougie.

cuteredbow said...

Cute pics ! Food looks so yummy !

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