February 19, 2012

A great start to a long weekend

On Saturday, some of my friends decided to go to Emeryville to study. "Study." It's not exactly a study environment with department stores everywhere and people hustling and bustling. But it was really, really nice to get away from the Berkeley campus. We attempted to study in Barnes and Nobles, but as you can see from the pictures, we have obviously different definitions of studying. Regardless, the day was filled with laughter and bonding. We ate at Fuddruckers for dinner and although my burger was miniature sized, it was pretty filling! The F bus was supposed to come at 6:25pm for us, but we didn't see any busses...the next F bus was scheduled to come 45 minutes later. Because it was extremely cold outside, Johnny, Stephen, and I went back into Barnes and Nobles, and Choey and Kevin went to West Elm. The others stayed at the busstop. 5 minutes later, I get a frantic phone call from Grace: "The bus is here!!!! Hurry, the bus is here!" Johnny, Stephen, and I took off - but one problem: my flats were too big for my feet, which made it extremely difficult to run. Stephen and Johnny crossed the intersection, leaving me in the middle when a car honked at me (it was totally my right of way...). When I finally got across, the bus left and we were screaming for it to stop...until we realized that particular F bus was headed toward Oakland, not Berkeley. What an adventure... It will be moments like these that I remember, not all the days and nights studying.

{Choe, the girl I plan to study French with and hopefully study abroad in France with}

{a beautiful array of our Starbucks tea drinks}

{Chang's definition of studying}

{J.Lee's definition of studying}

{My definition of studying}

{Dinner at Fuddruckers, first time for everything!}

{Delicious burgers! hello, Stephen and Johnny!}

{dollar scoops of ice cream...so everyone gets mint!}

{J.Lee and Taryn's cupcakes from Tea Bake Shop}

{Choe, Taryn, me, and Johnny - finally on the bus back to Berkeley}

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