July 18, 2012

Indian Rock

Indian Rock has been on my "to-go" list since my high school MUN adviser suggested it back in my first semester here at Berkeley. He said the sunset from the Rock is incredible, but I have yet to see that. I had a picnic lunch with my church's media ministry team. For most of the time, unfortunately, the fog covered up the Golden Gate Bridge, but the view was still breathtakingly beautiful. It's not much of a hike - you can opt for the steps on one side of the rock. We had ham and cheese, cream cheese and cucumber, and peanut butter and banana sandwiches. But I definitely want to go back to watch the sunset. That would be a sight I do not want to miss! 

Northside is so much more beautiful than Southside. I would totally move there if it weren't for the long walk to campus. And if all my friends moved with me to Northside. 


Vale ♥ said...

This place looks wonderful ! Lovely pics =)

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Vale ♥ said...

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Douglas said...

So cool!

Clara Turbay said...

Amazing girl!

pocket rocket said...

this is so pretty! i get what you're saying here too. sometimes that little commute is just so worth it though for a view like this.


Allison said...

Looks beautiful!!

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Ali W. said...

Darling blog! LOVE your header. And these pics...that place looks AMAZINGGGG. :)

Mia M. said...




Fash Boulevard said...

Fabulous post, girl! If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest post for Lauren Conrad. xo


Amanda said...

Looks like such a great place to hang out!

Corina from Simplement heureuse said...

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Anisa Young said...

I still haven't been! AH! Looks beautiful though! Come on over soon, our apartment looks SO different ;) xx

Jenna Hughes said...

looks great!!


Clara Turbay said...

I find on your blog basic ideas and well achieved.

Fall in Love said...

Looks beautiful! :)



Suzie Q said...

Beautiful photos. Looks so peaceful with a great view. Your blog is so cute =)

Suzie Q

Punctuation Mark said...

That view is amazing!!!!

Iqra said...

this place so gorgeous and serene, I wish we had more views like this in NY.

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Kendra Alexandra said...

Great scenic photos!
Love your blog by the way, about to go back through your old posts :)
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Marella said...

amazing pics dear!
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Amanda said...

Great Photos. I follow our Blog now.
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justineann said...

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Anđela Vitorović said...

Nice photos! :)


Margarida Reis said...

amazing place.


Katie's Bliss said...

Looks beautiful! I love going on hikes to escape reality sometimes :)


P A U L said...

wow, beautiful place!:)

Bruna Araújo said...

Adorei o blog, muito lindo, amei tudo. Parabéns mesmo, vou sempre estar aqui (:


High Dollar Hippie said...

Great photos! What an amazing view!
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Ava Tallulah said...

Ah, so pretty! What a refreshing view.

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the Martha from Malta diary said...

Looks so beautiful! I love picnics.
I am now following you :)