June 27, 2012

Picnic at Tilden Park

We were finally able to find some time to visit Tilden Park last weekend. I underestimated how far it was (a 40 minute bus ride) but we were rewarded with beautiful, 75-degree weather. Our picnic was incredibly delicious: spam fried rice and lemonade (yay for a college student's budget). We didn't get to visit every part of Tilden, but there is a merry go round, lake, and canyon.

Living in the Bay Area has made me so appreciative of nature. 
The best (or possibly the worst) thing about Tilden Park is no cell phone reception. Without reception, we were able to talk and appreciate the park without phone interruption. Unfortunately, we didn't have too much time so we didn't make it to Jewel Lake. So, I guess I'll be making at least one more trip! No phone service also meant being stuck at Tilden Park, without any knowledge of when and where the bus was arriving. We walked a mile uphill to get out of the park and onto the neighboring streets to get service and find a busstop. Still, it was a great break from the weekly routine and schedule.


Andrea said...

I love it here too! Favorite city by far.

Christine said...

omg, the first picture. <3

OanaC said...

amazings pictures **
you are so beautiful:) and i love your blog

Love Oana :)


charity victoria said...

looks & sounds like a wonderful afternoon with your loved one. :) xo!

Brittany E. said...

Beautiful pics of such a beautiful place! I understand about the college budget, though now I'm out of college and still living on that budget! Le sigh!

Allison said...

This is such a cute set of photos!! awww I love the idea of no cell phone reception at the park!
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Anonymous said...

very cute pics!!

Frank Vinyl said...

aww you too look so cute

Kelli said...

such sweet photos!

Anna said...

I spent some time going through you blog tonight & it's so sweet - your photos are amazing, you capture all your moments so perfectly. This post particularly was one I loved. Oh how I remember living on a uni salary - but those were the best days. Free events and nature was what I lived for :)

Anna xo