February 9, 2012

a therapeutic Tuesday

It was one of those beautifully gloomy, cold days (finally! thank you, Berkeley!). After class, my very good friend Irene and I went down College Avenue to Jeremy's. I'm fairly certain this was my first time going out since second semester had started. Although we mostly window shopped, there is something therapeutic about browsing through racks of clothes and finding fashion inspiration. What I appreciated most were the cutesy Valentine items in the front of the shop. Strolling down College Avenue with Irene evoked memories from first semester, which seems so long ago. Last semester, we had less burdens and frequently visited Out of the Closet, Crossroads Trading Company, and 4th street. There is something relaxing about getting away from the campus, which to me represents work, stress, and all the upcoming midterms. And it's only the first year! But I know Jeremy's and College Ave will still be here for me (especially during summer).

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Haute Eyes said...

Love these pictures! Those dresses all look so fun! I want to try them all on! Would love to hear what you think of my latest post today! Thanks, doll!