August 10, 2012

Happy freedom days!

Finally, finally, I have my summer back! With summer school behind, I'm ready for an awesome last 2 weeks of summer sans coffee, 18-hour study days, and sleepless nights. I cannot fully express my utter joy. I've been waiting for this particular weekend since June. Hallelujah, freedom reigns.

I took this picture in June for Flavor Ping and thought it fully grasps my idea of a careless, happy summer (of course, it would include some type of food). So, happy summer days!


Eden Gramith said...

I remember summers FILLED with summer class! It's true! Cherish every last second you have off! :)

xo Eden

Elsa said...

This photograph is amazing!
Enjoy your 2 weeks off to the fullest doll.

Mix and Match the F word

Hannah said...

Two whole weeks of vacation? Lucky you! I hope you get to eat a lot of ice cream, can sleep in every day and that every day seems like it lasts for a whole week. Thanks for sharing!

Hannah from I am a lifestyle blog

Olga Choi said...



Anonymous said...

Love the cheery photo! Have a wonderful half month of summer!! You deserve it.

Stop by sometime, xo Natalie

Dilan Dilir said...


Scarllet Gonçalves said...

Love the photos and I'm also looking forward for summer!! hahaha I must say i ve been in the same situation about the hours of study and nothing of sleep,but summer is coming so lets enjoy it! ;)
Have a good day
kiss from Brazil

borka gamero said...

Enjoy this weeks like no tomorrow!
Much love from Miami!

Carrie Rosalind said...

Lucky!! I could go for a couple weeks off right about now! ;) Hope you have a fun time!

LeeLee said...

Aw, enjoy your Summer! :)

The Garage Starlets said...

So so cute!


Stephanie Lin said...

Oh it's so great to thoroughly enjoy a summer! I hope you have a lot of fun (and eat lots of yummy food!)

his little lady said...

oh gosh, i know those summer classes all too well. enjoy this freedom girl, and take full advantage!
xo TJ

Ruby Girl said...

great photos!! xoxo linds {{}}