March 18, 2012

Happy week's end!

To say that this past week had been completely physically draining would be an understatement. For some reason, this semester and this round of midterms have not been all. But this is the sun after the storm (quite literally too!). On Friday, after midterms were over, I bussed to Starbucks (craving satisfied) and John's Ice Cream with Christine after depositing my first-ever paycheck. That night, I slept for 10 hours, the equivalent of how I slept over the past 5 days. I seriously must say, sleep has never felt better. Saturday was filled with laughter, friends, and really good conversations. I ate brunch with Ashley at Le Bateau Ivre Cafe. Afterward, Kyuseok received his birthday surprise and the green hat syndrome was initiated (if you don't understand, just look for the green hat on everyone's head). Thank you Christine for the dinner date and our random conversations (source of joy, source of joy). Saturday night ended in the best way possible: I had some "big/little" time with Sophia. We stopped by Philz Coffee to check it off from my "to-do list challenge," ate at Gregoire (checked off from my personal places to go), and had really deep conversations over coffee and baking. I'm so blessed: I have the most amazing big ever. So forgive me, but this is going to be a long, picture-filled post.

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Sophia Rose said...

I Love You! I had a blast tonight, thanks for making this weekend extra special <3