February 1, 2012

Things that make me happy

10. the joy of completing a paper (this is me right now!)
9. when I add avocado or guacamole in my sandwich or wrap and the cashier forgets to charge it
8. a random text from a friend whom I haven't seen in awhile
7. making lists...to-do lists, things I want to do lists, places to go lists, bucket lists, goals lists, etc
6. surprises, in really any shape or form, big or small
5. mail packages! (and snail mail)
4. having no work to do so I can watch reruns of How I Met Your Mother
3. cold (and I mean brrrr! cold) days + hot drinks
2. discovering a really good song and a really awesome music video that goes with it like Best Friend
1. my best friend booking her flight to visit me in March

On another note, happy 1st of February!

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